Best Betting Apps

Best betting apps

The advantage of having the best online betting apps on your phone cannot be overstated. You can quickly open the app, wager on your favourites matches even mid-game wherever you are.

Getting home in time to watch the match or catch the team selection doesn’t have to bother you since the best apps will bring you the news to your palms and you will place the bet you want.

The idea is simple; wherever you are and whatever sport you want, an internet connection is all you require. And this is where comes in to tell you about the best sportsbooks and apps to use to wager conveniently.

The bookmakers try to offer their clients the best betting apps to make the transition from the website to the app smooth. Consequently, the team at brings you a lowdown on how to pick the best apps, betting sites, and platforms to get the advantage you need.

Best betting apps

Your Guide To The Best Betting Apps

The advantage of using a betting app over a website is in its customisation to fit your specific requirements. A great sports app is functional first. Be it a high performing flagship phone to a budget phone, or a slow connection, the best online betting apps performance is optimised to always deliver a fluid experience to the user. However, all of this of no importance if they can’t bring your favourite sports to you.

Instead of filling up your phone with many apps, just finding a couple or more that you can always count on makes more sense. At, you will learn whether a betting operator is licenced to operate. We also rate the best betting apps for their user experience, live streaming options, cross-platform compatibility, and other perks you may get from downloading the app.

Best Betting Sites

The best betting apps allow you to place a bet as if in real-time on the website. This begins by first choosing the best betting site and hoping the experience trickles down to their applications. Good betting sites offer many markets of sports and allow you to drill into the matches you like quickly.

Whether you are placing a single bet or an accumulator bet, it doesn’t matter, the best betting apps for android and iOS deliver all that you love about the betting sites. To bring you onto the best online bookmakers, we regularly try and test the best apps on offer and their subsequent updates. We go beyond marketing material and deliver an objective review of the relevant aspects of the best betting apps. Read on to find out more about review process.

Did you know?

Most punters dream of winning a life-changing amount. This is the reason many people place very long odds on accumulators every day. However, not many people ever actualise this dream. Did you know the odds for winning the biggest win from a small wager was 1,600,000/1? Yes, in 2001 Mick Gibbs won £500,000 on a 30p stake!

Betting Bonus

Almost all marketing material for most betting sites mention a form of reward or bonus. Mostly these rewards are tied to some form of wagering requirement, deposit bonus, etc. Sometimes these terms are untenable, and we cover all the qualification attributes for these bonuses so that what you are told is what you get.

Sponsorships and promotions have always been a part of sports and sports betting. When looking for the best sites with the best odds, bonuses should also feature in that decision. All elite bookmakers and the best betting apps offer some form of reward or promotion for signing up or being loyal to their platforms. In the constant need for sites to attract clients, these betting bonus benefits flow to customers.

Best Betting Apps

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Did you know that once you earn a bonus you can use it to explode your bankroll? When used well, bonuses are a risk-free bet with which the windfall is money in your pockets. Unlike a free bet where the free amount is deducted from the winnings, a bonus is the opposite and the amount is included in your winnings instead. Despite the rollover or wagering requirements, you can take advantage of them to increase your bankroll strategically.

Best betting apps

About is a simple way to gain an added advantage when betting online. Learn about the best online betting apps, sportsbook promotions, and the latest news here. We endeavour to make online sports betting fun, safe, and secure by giving you the information needed to make an informed bet. Objective reviews and news are the beating heart of our operations. This is all in the spirit of removing guesswork and blind luck from the process of choosing an ideal betting site.

Our reviewers have spent time betting and testing all the platforms we recommend, so you don’t have to. We trust their opinion to be professional and based on thorough research. Our reviewers make it easy to choose the best betting sites at a glance. Find tips and strategies for choosing the best betting apps, sites and promotions for all betting fans.

Did you know?

Sports betting has been there since historic times and only the ways people bet have changed.

It is commonly acknowledged that online gambling originated in Antigua and Barbuda. From then, online gambling grew into what it is today. Early developers of online gambling games like Microgaming emerged and in 1996 Intertops became the first online sports betting site regulated by the newly formed Kahnawake Gaming Commission.